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      The Virtual Atlas of the
      Honeybee brain
      Administration & Design:

      Jürgen Rybak
      Randolf Menzel




    Download the Virtual Atlas of the Honeybee Brain


    We offer the opportunity to download three different datasets of the Honeybee Standard Brain. To allow support for everyone who shares this field of interest with us we would like to ask you to fill out a small registration form so that it is possible for us to provide individual support. Subsequent to the registration form your information will be send to us by E-mail and you will transferred to the download webpage of the following datasets:

    • Interactive three-dimensional model of the Honeybee Standard Brain
      (Virtual Reality Modeling Language; Cosmo Player required)

    • Average gray value images (TIFFs or JPGs packed as ZIP-Files)
    • Label-Field images (TIFFs or JPGs packed as ZIP-Files)

    Registration form and download



       Web Coordinator: Sabine Funke, Neurobiologie - last update: March 31, 2017